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Removing Stuck/Frozen Seatpost By Cutting With Sawzall

I tried removing the seized seatpost with lots of Kano Kroil penetrating oil, a 4 ton winch, Snap-On PH3050B air hammer, dry ice, heat gun, alternating heat/cold, a small sledge hammer, and a big pipe wrench. I seriously beat on it! It didn’t move at all. I finally resorted to cutting it out. I used …Read more »

How To Clean/Lube A Suspension Seatpost

I show how to disassemble, clean, lube, and re-assemble a suspension seatpost.

How To Clean Rust/Corrosion From Inside Bike Seat Tube

I show how to clean the rust and corrosion from a steel frame bike seat tube. After removing an aluminum seat post that was seized in a steel frame, the inside of the seat tube was coated with the rust and crud caused by galvanic corrosion. Part of it might have been aluminum oxide from …Read more »

Removing Stuck Aluminum Seatpost From Steel Bike Frame

The seatpost on the thrift store bike I bought was completely frozen. Watch my adventures in trying get it unstuck. I eventually got it out. The bike is a Mongoose Sycamore with a Cro Moly frame. The seatpost was aluminum. It appeared to have gotten corrosion down inside the seat tube. I resorted to using …Read more »

How To Remove Stuck Seatpost In Minutes With Slide Hammer

I show how to remove a seized seatpost from a bike frame using a 10lb slide hammer. I borrowed the slide hammer from a local auto parts store after paying a deposit. Be sure to get a 10lb slide hammer as I don’t think a 5lb slide hammer will deliver enough force. The aluminum seat …Read more »