How To Make A Quill Seatpost/Expanding Seatpost

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I show how to make a quill/expansion/wedge seatpost. Quill seat posts were found on some bikes in the 80s including Schwinn aluminum road bikes (564, 684, etc) from the Paramount Design Group (PDG). But they were prone to cracking. Replacements are expensive and hard to find. I bought the parts to make mine on ebay. A 27.2mm seatpost, a 240mm M8 stem bolt (or as long as you can find), and a 1 1/4″ oversized mountain bike quill stem (28.6mm).
I use my drill press a lot in the video. It might be able to be done with a hand drill , though it would be tough to do it nicely. A metal lathe would be awesome, especially for the wedge. But most people don’t have a metal lathe. I don’t.
Please use care while working with power tools!

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