Convert Mountain Bike To Drop Bars for Touring/Monster Cross/Gravel Bike

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I show how to install dropbar handlebars and integrated brake shifter levers (brifters) on a mountain bike (with 26″ wheels) to build a touring/monster cross/gravel bike. I also change from V-brakes to cantilever brakes for compatibility to the road brakes. And also swap out the mountain front derailleur to a triple road front derailleur. The bike I used for the conversion is a Cannondale Birkenstock M400. And yeah, I know the wheels need to be trued.

* I did not use Mini V-Brakes as they only work with tires upto about 38mm wide. I could have used a Travel Agent, but they are known to fray the cable with it goes through the pulley. I chose cantilevers. I’d like to point out that manufacturers like Trek and Surly use cantilevers on some of their current bikes. Check out Surly’s Long Haul Trucker.

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