How To Convert From Downtube Shifters To STI Shifters (Brifters) On Vintage Bike

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I show and explain the whole conversion process as I upgrade an early 90’s Trek road bike from downtube shifters and install Shimano STI shifters (brifters or integrated brake/shifters). This definitely brings new life to an old bike. The shifters I use in this upgrade are Shimano Sora 3×7 shifters. But Shimano RSX 3×7 shifters are a excellent choice also. You can find these for sale on eBay. BTW, I didn’t go to higher speed shifters because that would require a new wheel with a wider axle. The rear triangle would have to be spread to accommodate the wider axle. And it’s not safe to cold-bend a aluminum frame. If you have a steel frame, then spreading the rear triangle might be an option. But that goes beyond this video.

The little part I mount on to the downtube braze-on is called a downtube cable stop or braze-on cable stop or variations of that.
Here is it on Amazon:
or you can find them on ebay.


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  1. <path_to_url> Bobby Franklin

    Hey RJ I am just fixing up a old peugeot race bike and I am replacing the down tube shifters like you do in this video to “sti” shifters. You mention that you cant use the derailleur on the bike could you explain why as I did not want to replace the derailleur on the bike? Also I am in the process of ordering a new stem and stem adapter to replace the quill stem but it seems that a “1” to a “1-1/8” is a bit too large for the headset again any advice please any thing would be much appreciated.

    • <path_to_url> RJ The Bike Guy

      As far as the derailleurs, Shimano STI shifters are calibrated to work with SIS derailleurs. SIS=Shimano Indexing System. So you have to have compatible derailleurs.

      • <path_to_url> Bobby Franklin

        Thank you RJ that is exactly what I will do! 🙂
        And to clarify a vintage “SACHS HURET” rear derailleur would have to be changed… Also will the changing of the front derailleur be necessary aswell?

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