How To Find Incredible Bike Bargains/Deals On eBay! (like a Cannondale for $27)

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I bought this Cannondale road bike on eBay for $27. I have been using this method for years to find great deals on bikes. I show and explain how to find bikes for amazing prices. It’s not a secret or a trick. Just a straight forward strategy to help find bikes for a steal. The best deals are usually bikes with low starting prices, and high shipping costs. Something I forgot to mention is that when do I bid on an auction I do snipe bidding. I wait and bid in the last 5-10 seconds. This helps prevent being bid up in slow increments. Beware of trying to snipe on a cellphone. I have bid in the last 10 seconds only to be told the auction ended before the bid went through. Like there is a delay.

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