How To Make A Freehub Body Disassembly Tool

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This is my homemade freehub body disassembly tool. It was cheap and easy to make. This is used to remove the cup/cone from a Shimano freehub body. Shimano used to make a tool for this (Shimano Cassette Hub Race Remover TL-FH40), but they are hard to find now. So I made this one out of an old socket. 13/16″ or 21mm sockets are a good choice. I bought these sockets at a junk shop for 75 cents each. To make the tool, I used a bench grinder and a file. I also used a caliper to measure the width of the prongs. I have seen some others made out of a piece of pipe, but I like this design better. Old sockets are cheap. You can even buy a new for just a few dollars. And I can use it with my ratchet wrench. The tool should last a long time.

Check out my video on how to disassemble and assemble a freehub body:

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