Ironman Florida Bike Course First Person POV

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Nice preview of the Florida Ironman Triathlon bike course. I shot this during the 2012 Florida Ironman Race. The video was recorded with a Bullet HD camera mounted to my bike frame. The battery life is less than 2 hours, well less than I was on the bike, so I would turn it on for short segments, trying to capture bits from all over the course. I shot close to 40 minutes of video, but edited it down to a watchable length. But it starts at T1 and ends at T2. Even though I don’t have the entire 112 mile bike course, it does give a pretty good overview I think. Some sports drink got splattered on the front of the camera giving some slightly blurred spots in the later parts of the race. The temperature was in the 70’s and maybe even low 80’s during the bike portion. Panama City Beach was beautiful!
I had a bike crash at mile 38.5 which wasn’t captured in the video. I scraped up my elbow and had a hard time riding on the aerobars after that. I was able to ride on the aerobars some after I stopped and moved one of the elbow rests. Due to my injuries I was limited to walking the marathon. I did finish under the 17 hour time limit with slowest of my three Ironman triathlons.

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