Repairing Stripped Crank Arm Pedal Threads

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I fix the stripped pedal mounting threads in an aluminum crank arm. The original pedals had been seized in the cranks (probably galvanic corrosion between the steel pedal axles and the aluminum cranks). I managed to get them off, but they removed some of the threads with them. Using a Unior Pedal Tap and Thread Insert Set, I remove the original thread, widen the hole and put in new threads. I then install the inserts/bushings which will have the new pedal threads. This kit is kind of expensive. If you work on a bunch of bikes, it might be worthwhile. Otherwise, you might want to have it done at your local bike shop if they have the tools. VAR makes a similar set of taps/inserts.

For those who have asked, this is the tool set I used (Unior Pedal Tap and Thread Insert Set):


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