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Craigslist Bike Finds – 1986 Cannondale ST-400 & 1974 Atala Road Bikes

A couple more cool bikes that I found on Craigslist. Great deals! The 1986 Cannondale ST-400 (made in USA) is a sports/touring bike with a 14 speed Suntour drive train. Great condition! The 1974 Atala (Italian made) is cool with a Per John leather saddle. Campagnolo shifters/hubs/cable guide. But the derailleurs are Suntour Cyclone. They …Read more »

Craigslist Rare Bike Find – 1973 Raleigh RRA (Raleigh Record Ace)

I found this 1973 Raleigh RRA (Raleigh Record Ace) on Craigslist. It has a Reynolds 531 steel frame and fork, Simplex Super LJ derailleurs, Stronglight crankset, high flange Maillard 700 Professional Team Issue hubs and AVA tubular rims, Brooks Professional Saddle. It has a Carlton Race Proved decal and came out of the Worksop factory. …Read more »

Craigslist Bike Finds – 1983 Trek 500 and 1998 Cannondale Birkenstock M400

I found these two bikes on Craigslist while out scouting thrift stores in Syracuse. The first is a 1983 Trek 500, and the second is a 1998 Cannondale Birkenstock (M400) CAAD2. I got them for $50 each.

Thrift Store Bike Shopping Adventure Day

This is from a couple years ago. I document my day of hitting 20+ thrift stores hunting for bikes. I also hit a garage sale and an antique store. It was a fun day to not be at work, even if I didn’t find much. You never know. It’s like a treasure hunt! I previously …Read more »