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How To Size A Bike Chain Length

I show the process of sizing a bike chain to figure out the correct length. This is done by testing the chain with the gearing at both extremes (small chain ring/small cog and big chain ring/big cog).

Bike Chain Replacement

The chain on this Trek 850 was extremely worn. So I replaced it with a new KMC chain. I like the KMC chains with the missing link connector. They are also very affordable. Park Tool CC-3.2 Chain Gauge: Park Tool CT-5 Chain Break Tool: Park Tool CT-3.2 Chain Break Tool: KMC Z-72 …Read more »

How To Measure Bike Chain Wear With A Ruler

I was asked how to measure chain wear without using a gauge like Park Tool’s CC-3 or CC 3.2. So I made this video of how to measure chain stretch (wear) using a 12 inch ruler.

Cleaning And Lubricating A Bike Chain

I show how to clean a greasy, dirty bike chain using a Park Tool CM-5 Cyclone Chain Scrubber. Then I lubricate the chain with Finish Line Dry Teflon Bicycle Chain Lube. This is the chain scrubber tool I used in the video:

How To Replace A Bike Chain (KMC Z-72)

I show you how to replace an old chain with a new KMC Z-72 chain along with a “Missing Link” connector. I bought a Gary Fisher bike cheap. The previous owner apparently had left it out in the rain and the chain was completely covered with rust. In this video I remove the old chain, …Read more »