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How To Convert Quill Stem To Threadless Stem With Adapter On Vintage Bike

I show how to remove an old quill stem and install a threadless stem with a threadless stem adapter. This is a circa 1990 Trek 1000. I’ve already upgraded/updated a bunch of stuff on this vintage bike. Here is the threadless stem adapter I used: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0028N14GQ/ref=nosim/rjthebikeguy-20 BTW, the reason I cut the quill stem in …Read more »

How To Wrap Aerobars With Handlebar Tape On A Tri Bike

In this video I show how to wrap the aerobars and base bar of a triathlon bike with handlebar tape. Notice that all the cables are already secured in place with tape. I started of securing the handlebar tape with a small piece of electrical tape. I did this because the tape did not really …Read more »

Remove/Install Bike Handlebars Without Scratching In Quill Stem

This is how I remove and install bicycle handlebars without scratching them while trying to fit them into a quill stem. I use a tool called Lock Ring Pliers. The pliers I use in the video are some vintage Williams model 1515 pliers. But they are made by other companies as well.

Removing Seized Handlebar Stem Using Cable Puller Winch

I remove a stuck handlebar quill stem with a cable puller/winch/come-along. I wanted to remove the stem without damaging it so I can use it on another bike. I wanted to try a cable puller/hand winch to see if that would do it. Be careful if you try this. The stem could potentially release quickly …Read more »

How To Remove Stuck Handlebar Quill Stem – Worst Case Scenario!

I have been asked several times how to remove a frozen quill stem. But none of the bikes I was working on had frozen stems. Or they were only a little bit stuck and were so easily removed that it wasn’t worth making a video. Then I hit the jackpot with this bike. It was …Read more »