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Bike Wheel Hub Overhaul

I show you how to overhaul the hub of a front bike wheel. I have another video showing how to do the back wheel also. They are basically the same, except the back wheel has a few more steps. This is pretty easy to do. You take the hub apart, clean the parts, grease up …Read more »

Repairing Seized Shimano RS-10 Front Wheel Hub

I show the process of fixing a seized hub on a Shimano WH RS-10 wheel (front). Basically doing a hub overhaul. It looked like water got in and caused the bearings to rust a little bit. I disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, and replaced the bearings with new bearings and re-assembled the hub.

How To Overhaul The Hub Of A Rear Bike Wheel

I show how to overhaul the hub on a rear bike wheel (disassemble, clean, lubricate, and reassemble). Overhauling the the front wheel is pretty much the same, but simpler as you don’t have to mess with the freewheel or spacers. There were nine 1/4 inch ball bearings on each side which is the most common …Read more »