April Fools: Build A Bike Frame For Under $10 From PVC Pipe

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This was my April Fools 2015 prank for my viewers. Well, I think most people got a chuckle out of my Build A Frame video. It got 158 likes and 11 unlikes on the first day. Can’t please everyone. I was just hoping it wouldn’t tick off people and would lose a bunch of subscribers. But that didn’t seem to happen.
Some people expressed that I should do it. Well…
PVC is too flexible. It might be possible using oversized tubing and possibly a move away from the traditional diamond frame. Somehow design the frame to add stiffness. I could see this as something that engineering students at MIT might do as a project. I think there would also need to be metal lugs. With the metal lugs, there is no way to build this at home for under $10. So I don’t expect to be building a bike frame from PVC pipe anytime soon. I am interested in possibly buying a bamboo bike kit and building one of those for fun. Bamboo is very strong and is probably a better candidate for making a bike frame. It also grows on trees. Literally. They also use the metal lugs I believe.
For people interested in building cheap bike frames at home, you might investigate wooden bikes. I have seen pictures of wood frame bicycles and even motorcycles. That might be a fun project too. Thanks for watching my videos! I have more real videos coming!

Original text:
Inspired by bamboo bikes, I made this video. I show how to build a bike frame using PVC pipe for under $10.

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