RJ The Bike Guy Gets Flipped Off By Cyclist – Re-Enacted With Toy Cars

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How a cyclist flipped me off, re-enacted with toy cars. I was on my way home from work driving on a two lane road. The guy was riding his bike just inside the white line which was fine. He looked like a recreational rider from his build and his unsmooth line. I didn’t look at my speedometer, but I am guessing he was doing maybe 13-15mph. There was oncoming traffic in the other lane, so I drove behind him (not crowding him) waiting for an opportunity to pass him. It was probably about a minute or more before there was a clearing in the other lane. I pulled over across the line and zipped by the guy to get past him before more cars were coming. I always try to give cyclists and runners lots of room when passing them. But after I got around the guy, I looked in my rear view mirror and he was giving me the finger!!! What the heck? I considered pulling over and waiting for him to introduce myself as a fellow cyclist and find out what had I done to offend him. I didn’t. He probably would have been freaked out to see a car that he had just flipped off, pull over. Too frigging weird!! BTW, In the video I said this happened in Macedon, NY, but it was actually closer to Walworth, or Ontario, NY. P.S. I am not upset at all. I found the whole thing amusing and bizarre.

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