How To Make A Freewheel Louder

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Some viewers have asked how to make a freewheel make a louder clicking/ticking noise. I show how to do it by flushing out the lubrication and replacing it with a thinner oil. This will shorten the life of the freewheel and make it wear out faster. Fortunately, the bearings in the freewheel aren’t under the same stress as the hub/axle bearings. The bearings in the freewheel only roll while coasting/freewheeling. But the pawls will be slamming down harder, which is where the louder noise comes from. That causes them to wear faster and possibly even break. So it you value a noisy freewheel over longevity, here you go. BTW, I am no way recommending anyone do this. Personally, I would rather lube the freewheel with Phil Tenacious Oil and have it be quieter and long lasting.

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