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How To Replace A Bent Axle On A Bike Wheel

I demonstrate how to change out a bent axle from the rear wheel of a mountain bike I was working on. The wheel seemed out of true, but after looking closer, I realized the axle was bent. The wheel had a weird wobble. I took apart the hub, cleaned all the parts, replaced the bent …Read more »

How To Replace Shift Cable In Shimano EZ Fire Shifter (ST EF28)

I show how to change the shift cables on Shimano EZ Fire trigger Shifters (ST EF28). These shifters are integrated with V-Brake brake levers.

Freehub Body Disassembly/Assembly

I show how to disassemble and assemble a Shimano freehub body. I clean, lube and install new bearings into the freehub. I basically overhaul/rebuild the freehub. Generally, freehubs are not meant to be taken apart like this. The common thing is to just replace them, or to flush them and lube them like I do …Read more »

How To Disassemble/Reassemble Shimano RSX STI Shifters/Brifters (Left Shifter)

I show how to take apart a Shimano RSX STI Shifter (brifter) for cleaning, repair or overhaul and then assemble it again. This is the left side triple speed shifter. Some people say don’t take these shifters apart. But it’s pretty easy to take them apart, and not too hard to put them back together …Read more »