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Judy Butter Vs SRAM Butter

In some of RockShox overhaul videos I recommended Judy Butter. But SRAM acquired RockShox and Judy Butter was replaced with SRAM Butter. But it’s different. SRAM Butter is made by Slickoleum.

Wrap Vintage Trek Bike Cloth Handlebar Tape Like Factory Original

I show how to wrap the handlebars on a vintage Trek bike in the same way they came from the factory. I bought a 1981 Trek 412 that had factory original cloth handlebar tape. I used the opportunity to document exactly how they were wrapped. Then I wrapped the handlebars on my 1980 Trek 412 …Read more »

Shimano ST EF51 Shifters – Cantilever Brake Compatibility

Shimano ST EF51 Shifter/brake levers are good shifters and can be gotten pretty cheap on ebay/amazon, etc. But there are some questions about whether they are compatible with cantilever brakes. There are actually two different types of EF51 shifters. With 2 finger grip levers and with 4 finger grip levers. Only the 4 finger grip …Read more »

RockShox Judy XC Shocks/Forks Service – Disassembly/Clean/Lube/Assembly

I show how to disassemble, clean, lubricate, replace the oil/suspension fluid and re-assemble RockShox Judy XC forks. This maintenance is recommended every year or 100 hours of riding. The docs say to use “RockShox Extra Light Weight Oil” but don’t really specify what that is. I used 5W oil. But I could have maybe used …Read more »

Straightening A Bent Derailleur Hanger

When shifting the rear derailleur up to the biggest cog, the cage was hitting the spokes. The cage seemed to be angled in compared to the cogs. I checked the derailleur hanger with my Park Tool DAG 2.2 Derailleur Alignment Gauge and found it was not straight. I used the tool to straighten the hanger. …Read more »