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Repairing Rusted Seized RST Gila T5 Forks/Shocks

The RST Gila T5 shocks on this Trek 4300 mountain bike frame were frozen solid. There was some rust on them. I took them apart, cleaned them, removed most of the rust, lubed them, and put them back together and got them working again. How To Make Adjuster Cap Tool For RST Forks – Socket …Read more »

Overhaul/Repair Bendix 70 Coaster Brake Hub

I got a cruiser bike with a coaster brake hub that didn’t work. The bike was free, and I thought I could fix it. In this video, I take the hub apart, clean it, lubricate it, replace the bearings and put it bake together again. Now it works great. The hub is a Bendix 70. …Read more »

How To True A Bike Wheel Without A Truing Stand

Not everyone has an expensive truing stand. So I show how to true bicycle wheels with the wheel mounted on the bike. This is just simple truing and assumes the wheel is in good shape and just has a little bit of side to side wobble. If the wheel has more serious issues, truing an …Read more »

Simple Trick To Remove Stuck Freewheel From A Bike Wheel

I show how I remove a stuck/hard to remove freewheel. It’s pretty easy. I think it allows you to apply much more leverage than the usual suggestion of using a bench mounted vise.

How To Make Adjuster Cap Tool For SR Suntour Forks

I show how to make a tool to remove the adjuster cap from SR Suntour forks. There appear to be at least a couple sizes of adjuster caps. My homemade tool is for the small size adjuster cap. The shocks in the video are SR Suntour T890 forks.