Trek 330 Sport Bike – From Thrift Store To Ready To Sell

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I bought this 1989 Trek 330 Sport Bike at a thrift store for $70. I thought it would be fun to clean it up and resell, and a make a few bucks in the process. Part of me just hated seeing a good bike in such sad shape. If I didn’t already have a good road bike, I would probably keep it. I started by stripping off all the added stuff (tri bars, bike computer, bottle cage, under seat bag, pump). Then I washed the bike. I rewrapped the handle bars. I degreased/cleaned the chain and lubed it. I checked the shifting. I changed out the pedals from Look style pedals to pedals with toe clips. I trued the rear wheel which had a slight wobble. It took about an hour and a half total. Probably would have taken a little less if I hadn’t been messing with the camera.
The bike had Biopace chain rings installed on it. I thought that they had been added on by whoever turned it into a makeshift triathlon bike. But looking at dealer information from 1989, I found that this bike came stock with the Biopace rings. So I will leave them on there.

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