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How To Fix Loud Squealing Screeching Bike Brakes

It can be embarrassing when you hit your brakes and they make a loud shrill squeal. There are multiple possible causes for the noisy screeching brakes. I go through the various steps to fix the brakes so they will be quiet.

How To Install Aero Brake Levers On Vintage Bike

I show the process of upgrading a vintage road bike from non-aero brake levers to aero brake levers. I bought this Nishiki Sport bike at a thrift store. The brake levers it came with were non aero brake levers and looked like they originally had safety levers which had been removed. In this video I …Read more »

How To Fix Hybrid/Mountain Bike V Brakes Rubbing On One Side

The Gary Fisher bike that I have been working has V brakes. Both sets of brakes were rubbing on one side. The adjustment is very easy. I made a quick video to show how to repair this.

How To Replace Brake Pads On Hybrid/Mountain Bike (V Brakes)

I replace the brake pads for the V brakes on a Gary Fisher Napa mountain bike/comfort bike.

How To Center Brakes On A Road Bike

Sometimes you will find your one of your brakes is not centered. Maybe it is even rubbing against the rim on one side. The brake may have been bumped. I show you how to center side pull brakes on a road bike. It’s pretty easy and will only take a minute.