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How To Overhaul Bike Bottom Bracket With One Piece Crank

I show how to take apart the bottom bracket of a bike with a one piece crank, clean everything, install new bearings, lube it and put it back together again. The grease I use is just a good quality automotive type grease. This bike is a GT Bullet 24 inch kids mountain bike. I got …Read more »

How To Remove Stuck Crank Cotter Pin With A Hammer On Vintage Bike

I show how to remove a stubborn wedge cotter pin from a cottered crank using a hammer. This bike is a 1969 Raleigh, so the cotter pin may have been in there for 45 years.

Changing A Square Taper Crank Set

I replace the ugly mismatched crank set on a bike with a square taper spindle bottom bracket. Special tools used in this video: Park Tool Professional Pedal Wrench – PW-4 Park Tool Crank Puller

Overhaul BMX Bottom Bracket with One Piece Crank Set

How to overhaul the bottom bracket on a BMX bike with a one piece crank set. I clean and lube everything. I could have replaced the bearings, but they looked like they were in good shape. The bike is a Trek Subvert 1.0.

How To Remove/Install Crank Arms On A Bike

I show how to remove and install crank arms on an older vintage bike with square tapered spindles. In the video, I use a Crank Arm Puller tool made by Park Tool. [asa comment=”Park Tool Crank Puller”]B0028YUZSS[/asa]