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Remove Bonded Aluminum From Pedal Spindle Threads

I show you how to easily remove aluminum bonded into the spindle threads of a bicycle pedal. I had a bike pedal that was seized in an aluminum crank arm. I managed to get the pedal out, but some of the aluminum crank arm threads were bonded to the steel spindle threads. Probably galvanic reaction …Read more »

Shimano SPD Pedal Overhaul – Clean/Lube/Install New Bearings

I show how to service Shimano SPD bike pedals (disassemble, clean, replace ball bearings, grease, re-assemble). The bearings are 3/32 inch size, and each pedal takes 24 of them. This pedal seemed kind of rough when turning. I probably could have just adjusted the cone on the bearings, but decided to to an overhaul instead.

How To Clean & Lube Shimano SPD Pedals

I show how to open, clean and lubricate an SPD pedal. I show examples of two different SPD pedals, one that can be opened with a 17mm wrench, and one that requires a Shimano TL-PD40 tool. I am not sure, but I think the pedal I clean/lube in the video might be made by company …Read more »

Changing Bike Pedals – Stuck Pedal

I replace the clipless pedals on a bike with platform style pedals. The right pedal was very hard to remove. Pretty close to seized. I believe it became partially welded to the crank arm through galvanic corrosion. After getting both pedals off, I install the platform pedals with a little bit of grease on the …Read more »

Repairing A Mountain Bike Pedal With Excessive Play

I thought this was going to be a simple fix of adjusting the cone. But after opening up the dust cover I found loose bearings. I ended up doing an overhaul on the pedal and replacing the bearings. I think some of the bearings were missing. So what I thought was going to be super …Read more »