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Rust Remover Test! Evaporust vs Metal Rescue vs Vinegar vs Coke

I review four rust removers in a head to head test to see which one does the best job of rust removal. I compare Evapo-rust, Metal Rescue, White Distilled Vinegar, and Coca-Cola. I tried to be as fair as possible using as to the same rusty parts in each rust remover. I also included a …Read more »

Fix Stiff/Sticky Bike Shifters With Ultrasonic Cleaner – Clean/Lube

I show how to repair stiff, gunked up bicycle shifters that aren’t shifting well, or at all by cleaning out the old dried out grease using and ultrasonic cleaner. The old grease can be thick like glue and just gum the shifters up so they don’t work, or move really slowly. So you want to …Read more »

My Dualco Mini Grease Gun (That I Use In My Videos)

Viewers often ask me about the grease gun I use in my videos. What kind is it? Where did I get it? What kind of grease I use in it? It is a Dualco Mini Grease Gun. I bought it on I use Marine grease. The brand I usually use is Peak, but that …Read more »

Park Tool SBC-1 Spoke Bearing and Cotter Pin Gauge

A viewer asked about this tool and how to use it to measure spokes. So I made this video showing off the various features. For a tool that costs less than $10, I use it a lot. Here is the tool on

How To Make Easy Thread Chaser Tool To Fix Damaged Threads

I show how to make a cheap, easy, homemade DIY thread chasing tool and repair moderately damaged threads. In this case it was a bike frame bottle cage mount. But the method can be used for other threaded spots as well. I could have used a tap, but a tap will cut threads and remove …Read more »