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Filling A Dualco Mini Grease Gun

I show how to refill a Dualco Mini Grease Gun. I plan to use it in my work on repairing bikes. There are some other mini grease guns that are similar to this one including one sold at Harbor Freight. Here is a link to the Dualco Mini Grease Gun at Amazon:

Remove Rust From Bike Parts Using Evapo-Rust – Easy!

This stuff is amazing! Just soak the parts and rinse. EASY! I bought a bike that had been left outside in the rain. The frame was good, but many of the parts were rusty. Evapo Rust did a great job of removing the parts from the parts. This is by far the best stuff I …Read more »

Rusty Freewheel/Chain – Challenged To Remove The Rust

Some of my viewers wanted to see me try to remove the rust from a very rusty drivetrain and shoot a video of it. So I took the challenge. I soaked the freewheel and chain in Evaporust for a day. It was actually pretty much done after 6 or 8 hours.

Clean/Lube Vintage Craftsman Round Head Ratchet Wrench 9-43797

I take a vintage Craftsman round head ratchet wrench apart, clean it, lube it, and put it back together. I bought several ratchet wrenches at a thrift shop for cheap. But they were all in rough shape. They were all at least a little rusty. The wrench is labelled 943797 and has a thumbwheel. It …Read more »

How To Repair Park Tool Floor Pump PFP-3/PFP-6 (Maintenance/Service)

I take apart and put together a Park Tool PFP-3 bike floor pump and show where the various o-rings are that might cause problems. I also show how to lubricate it. I include Park Tool part numbers for various parts. The Park Tool PFP-6 is pretty much the same as the PFP-3 with mostly the …Read more »