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Park Tool RBS-5 Replacement Brush Set for CM-5 Chain Cleaner

The sponge on my Park Tool CM-5 Cyclone Chain Scrubber became brittle and disintegrated after years of use. One of the first things I do on every bike I work on, is to wash it, and then clean and lube the chain. So the chain cleaner gets a lot of use. It still works without …Read more »

How To Make A Cheap Bike Frame Alignment Gauge Tool

I show how to make a cheap homemade frame alignment gauge for bicycle frames. This can easily be made for $5 or $10 depending what kind of stuff you already have lying around the garage. A nice easy DIY project.

Vintage Schwinn 74180 Brake Lever Alignment Tool Demo

I show how to use a vintage Schwinn 74180 Brake Lever Alignment Gauge. Not a tool that you can’t do without, but it does make the job of aligning brake levers to be even, a little easier and faster.

How To Make A Freehub Body Disassembly Tool

This is my homemade freehub body disassembly tool. It was cheap and easy to make. This is used to remove the cup/cone from a Shimano freehub body. Shimano used to make a tool for this (Shimano Cassette Hub Race Remover TL-FH40), but they are hard to find now. So I made this one out of …Read more »

How To Remove Rust From Screws And Bolts

Remove most or all the rust from nuts, screws, bolts cheap and easy. I am working on cleaning up a free bike that I got. It was very dirty and rusty. A lot of the rust came off easily. Some of the screws were pretty rusty. So here is one of the tricks I use …Read more »