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Replace Bike Headset With Cheap Homemade Tools

I change a bike headset using tools that can be made easily and cheaply. I remove the old headset, and install a brand new headset. This includes a homemade bearing cup remover, bearing cup press, and crown race setter. I include links to videos that explain how to make these tools yourself. This is a …Read more »

Harbor Freight Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set 95987

This is the Harbor Freight Tools/Pittsburgh Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set (Item 95987). It is listed on the Harbor Freight site as “5 Piece Slide Hammer And Bearing Puller Set”. The regular price was about $70. But with sale price and coupon, I got it for $45. It did a good job of removing a …Read more »

How To Make DIY Dropout Alignment Gauge Tools

I show how to make and use homemade tools to check and straighten bent dropouts on a bike frame. Only use these types of tools to straighten the dropouts on a steel or cro-moly frame. Do not attempt to bend the dropouts on an aluminum, carbon fiber or any type of frame other than steel …Read more »

How To Make A Star Nut Setter Tool For Threadless Fork Easy! Cheap!

I show how to make a cheap and easy homemade DIY star fangled nut setter tool to drive a star nut into the steerer tube of threadless forks. Actually, I build two different versions, and use one to install a star fangled nut. This will a allow you install a starnut without an expensive special …Read more »

How To Make A Headset Cup Press/Install Tool

This is my homemade bearing cup press. It works similar to the Park Tool HHP-3 to install the bearing cups into the head tube of a bike frame. It cost less than $8 to make. So relatively cheap to build. It was made from a 12 inch piece of 1/2″ threaded rod, 4-6 fender washers, …Read more »