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Clean/Lube Vintage Craftsman Round Head Ratchet Wrench 9-43797

I take a vintage Craftsman round head ratchet wrench apart, clean it, lube it, and put it back together. I bought several ratchet wrenches at a thrift shop for cheap. But they were all in rough shape. They were all at least a little rusty. The wrench is labelled 943797 and has a thumbwheel. It …Read more »

How To Repair Park Tool Floor Pump PFP-3/PFP-6 (Maintenance/Service)

I take apart and put together a Park Tool PFP-3 bike floor pump and show where the various o-rings are that might cause problems. I also show how to lubricate it. I include Park Tool part numbers for various parts. The Park Tool PFP-6 is pretty much the same as the PFP-3 with mostly the …Read more »

Cleaning Rusty Tools In Evapo-Rust

I use Evapo-Rust to clean up some flea market/garage sale tools. I am always looking for new ways to remove rust from tools and bike parts. The EvapoRust seemed to do a decent job. I followed up with a brass wire wheel and they came out even better. I probably could have left the tools …Read more »

How To Make Easy Thread Chaser Tool To Fix Damaged Threads

I show how to make a cheap, easy, homemade DIY thread chasing tool and repair moderately damaged threads. In this case it was a bike frame bottle cage mount. But the method can be used for other threaded spots as well. I could have used a tap, but a tap will cut threads and remove …Read more »

How To Make A Chain Whip/Sprocket Remover Tool

I show how to make a homemade chain whip/sprocket remover tool. A chain whip is used to hold the cassette while the lock ring is loosened when removing a cassette from a bike wheel. For Shimano Uniglide cassettes, two chain whips are used to remove the lock ring/cog. These are the chain whips I display …Read more »