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Park Tool SBC-1 Spoke Bearing and Cotter Pin Gauge

A viewer asked about this tool and how to use it to measure spokes. So I made this video showing off the various features. For a tool that costs less than $10, I use it a lot. Here is the tool on

How To Make Adjuster Cap Wrench For RST Forks

RST Adjuster Cap tools are hard to find. I haven’t found a plae where I can buy one. So I decided the make my own homemade wrench to remove the adjuster cap. I just bought a cheap 1 inch combination wrench at a junk shop and used a Dremel tool. After this video, I made …Read more »

How To Get Tight Tire On Bike Wheel Rim With Tire Bead Jack

This is a cool new tool I found called a Tire Bead Jack made by Koolstop. I show how to mount a tight fitting bicycle tire onto a rim using the tool. Brand new bike tires can be really tight, and harder to mount, so this is a cool to have. Tire levers can be …Read more »

How To Remove/Install A Crown Race With Cheap/Homemade Tools

I show you how to replace the crown race on a bike fork without using expensive tools. I removed the crown race using a flat tip screwdriver and a hammer. Then I installed the crown race using a tool that you can make for $5 from a piece of PCV pipe and a cap.

How To Check Cassette/Freewheel Wear With Rohloff HG Check Tool

I show how to check for a worn freewheel or cassette using a Rohloff HG/IG Sprocket Wear Indicator. This tool is designed for Shimano HG freewheels and cassettes but may work on other brands as well. Rohloff HG/IG Sprocket Wear Indicator at Amazon: