How To Build A Cheap Fixie From A Vintage Bike

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I show in detail how to build a cheap fixed gear bike. I had multiple viewers asking for a video like this, and it was something I wanted to do. I used a threaded cog and lock ring to replace the freewheel on the original wheel. This style of conversion is called a “suicide fixie” or “suicide hub”. The big risk with this design is the cog might spin off if you skid really hard. SO YOU MUST LEAVE A BRAKE OR BRAKES INSTALLED WITH THIS SETUP! TWO BRAKES WOULD PROBABLY BE BETTER. This was much cheaper than buying a new wheel with a track hub. The threaded cog cost about $6.50 on ebay. To keep the chain line straight, I re-spaced the hub and redished the wheel. I spent very little money building this bike. I used a bike that I had lying around, and I had a lot of the parts already. Many more things could be done with the bike. I want to paint it maybe next spring. The bike is a Schwinn Sports Tourer from the early 70’s. *You build and ride a bike like this at your own risk.

Now is to the quick release hub. According to Sheldon Brown, using a quick release hub is NOT a problem for a fixie. He does advise that is you are going to use a quick release wheel, “to use a good quality enclosed-cam skewer.” I have ridden it enough to say one way or the other.

As to the Missing Link master link. I trust them more than pressing pins. And why would they be an issue? Pulling the link causes them to lock. It doesn’t matter which direction they are pulled. The rivets have to be pushed together with some force to cause it to unlock. Not sure how that is supposed to happen just because it is on a fixie.

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