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Straightening Bent Seat Stays On A Bike Frame

I show how to straighten a bent seat stay on my vintage Bob Jackson bicycle frame. Only attempt this on a steel frame. Do not try this on an aluminum, titanium, or carbon fiber bike frame. Steel bends different than those metals. Do not use heat. I still have a small dent which I am …Read more »

How To Add Bottle Cage Mounts To A Bike Frame

I show how to add bottle cage mounts to a bike frame that doesn’t have braze-ons or other mountings. Such as vintage bicycles or maybe a bike that only has mounts for one bottle cage, but you want to add a second bottle cage. This is done by drilling the frame and installing rivnuts (rivet …Read more »

Convert Mountain Bike To Disc Brakes With No Frame/Fork Mounts

I show how to convert an old vintage MTB with no frame/fork disc brake mounts, to disc brakes using adapters. I show various disc brake mounting adapters and how they can be used to install disc brakes. Some of the adapters I show are A2Z DM-UNI, Chaser Tech Bicycle Rear Disc Brake Adapter Kit, and …Read more »

How To Install Bottle Cage On Scott Spark 60 Mountain Bike

I wanted to mount a water bottle cage on my Scott Spark 60 mountain bike. The problem was that the screws where you would normally install a bottle cage were being used to hold down cables. I removed the screws and found they were too short to hold down both the cage and cables. So …Read more »

Fixing Rear Dropout With Axle Slot Bent/Stretched Open Wide

I got a great deal on a bike frame, but the right rear dropout had been bent leaving the dropout slot wider. The seller said it had it had been caused by chain wrap. But the frame was steel, so I was pretty sure I could straighten it. It also appeared the derailleur hanger might …Read more »