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Removing Layers Of Paint To Reveal Original Factory Bike Color

I bought a bike that had been horribly repainted. I want to restore the bike, so I wanted to see what the original factory paint color was. That will give me the option to go back to the original color. I show how to remove layers of paint to reveal the original paint. I plan …Read more »

How To Fix Derailleur Hanger With Stripped Threads

I show how to repair a stripped derailleur hanger using a “Dropout Saver” from Wheels Manufacturing. I also discuss several other possible methods for fixing a stripped derailleur hanger. I know people are going to ask where to get the dropout savers. I got them on Amazon. Here are links to them: Narrow Dropout Saver …Read more »

How to Replace Internal Routed Cables

I show how to feed new brake/shifter cable housings through bike frame tubes. I show two methods. The first method is where a cable housing is already routed through the frame. The second method is where there isn’t already a cable through the frame. This will allow you to install brand new cable housings on …Read more »

How To Measure A Bike Frame

In this video I show you how to measure a bike frame. I created a previous version of this video when I was shopping on eBay and craigslist for bikes, and people didn’t know what size of frames their bikes had, and they didn’t know how to measure them. My previous video has gotten lots …Read more »

Straightening A Bent Derailleur Hanger

When shifting the rear derailleur up to the biggest cog, the cage was hitting the spokes. The cage seemed to be angled in compared to the cogs. I checked the derailleur hanger with my Park Tool DAG 2.2 Derailleur Alignment Gauge and found it was not straight. I used the tool to straighten the hanger. …Read more »