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How To Unlock Cable Bike Lock Without Combination

One of the bikes I bought had a cable lock attached. I could have easily cut it off, but it was more fun to “pick” the lock. It wasn’t really picking as it was a combination lock, so I didn’t use a pick. Maybe cracking the lock is a better term. Anyway, I show you …Read more »

How To Open Bike Lock Without Combination – Advanced Lesson

I show how to find the combination and unlock a bicycle cable lock. This can be useful if you have lost the combination, or maybe you have bought a used bike that came with a lock and chain and no combination. Cheap locks are very easy to unlock. But a good quality lock is much …Read more »

How To Remove/Install Bike Head Badge

My 1990 Trek 1000 was missing the head badge/emblem when I got it. I recently bought a 1991 Trek 820 that had the same badge. My plan with the 820 is to clean it up and resell it. I really don’t think the badge being gone will affect the value. So in this video, I …Read more »

How To Find Model/Year Of Vintage Trek Bike By Serial Number

I show how to use the serial number of a 1976-1986 Trek bicycle to identify the year and model of the bike. Here is the website I used: http://www.vintage-trek.com Here is an older video I did that might help in finding information about 1986 and newer Treks:

How To Replace Ball Bearings In A Retainer Cage

Sometimes when working on a bike you find bearings in retainer cages. Often in the bottom brackets and headsets. I usually will replace the whole bearing retainer set. But some bike shops don’t even sell them, or you might not be able to find the right size. Some people will just get rid of the …Read more »