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Bike Noises – Find Them To Fix Them

Bikes can make the strangest noise. Squeaks, creaks, clicks, grinding, whirs, ticks, clunks, etc. The first step in fixing a noise on a bike is to locate where it is coming from. But noises can tricky. They can sound like they are coming from one place, but are actually coming from another. I talk about …Read more »

Trek 330 Sport Bike – From Thrift Store To Ready To Sell

I bought this 1989 Trek 330 Sport Bike at a thrift store for $70. I thought it would be fun to clean it up and resell, and a make a few bucks in the process. Part of me just hated seeing a good bike in such sad shape. If I didn’t already have a good …Read more »

Make Cheap & Easy Race Number Mount For Duathlon/Triathlon

I show how to make a mount to display your race number on a bike for triathlon, duathlon, etc races. It’s cheap and easy. I made this one from stuff I had lying around my garage.

Opening Cheap Bike Lock In 10 Seconds Without Combination Just For Fun

This is why you shouldn’t use a cheap bike lock! I was at a thrift store as saw a bike with a cheap lock on it. Just for fun I wanted to try to open the lock without knowing the combination and make a video. I didn’t want to buy the bike, so I shot …Read more »

April Fools: Build A Bike Frame For Under $10 From PVC Pipe

This was my April Fools 2015 prank for my viewers. Well, I think most people got a chuckle out of my Build A Frame video. It got 158 likes and 11 unlikes on the first day. Can’t please everyone. I was just hoping it wouldn’t tick off people and would lose a bunch of subscribers. …Read more »