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How To Install Lizard Skins Fork Boots Replacements

The fork boots were ripped and torn on my mountain bike. Exact replacements are not readily available as they are older shocks. I found these Lizard Skins brand neoprene replacement fork boots, and decided to give them a shot. They are one size fits all. And they didn’t cost a lot either. So while I …Read more »

How To Make Adjuster Cap Tool For RST Forks – Socket Version

I show how to make a tool to remove the adjuster cap from RST forks. I make the tool from a 15/16″ socket using a Dremel tool and some grinder bits. This tool will allow me to do an overhaul of these shocks. In a previous video, I made an adjuster cap tool using a …Read more »

RockShox Indy C Shocks/Forks Service – Disassembly/Clean/Lube/Assembly

I got a new bike to work on that has RockShox Indy C shocks. They seemed to be working fine. But I decided to take them apart, clean and lube them anyway. Just general maintenance. I show you how to remove the springs/elastomers. Then drop the lower legs/tubes. I use Judy Butter for lubrication. The …Read more »

How To Make Adjuster Cap Wrench For RST Forks

RST Adjuster Cap tools are hard to find. I haven’t found a plae where I can buy one. So I decided the make my own homemade wrench to remove the adjuster cap. I just bought a cheap 1 inch combination wrench at a junk shop and used a Dremel tool. After this video, I made …Read more »

How to replace GT LTS-5 rear elastomer shock with GT LTS-3 shock

I show how to repair a GT LTS-5 rear elastomer shock by adapting a 1996 GT LTS-3 shock. I think the GT LTS-4 has the same rear shock as the LTS-5, so this will work for that bike also. The rear elastomer shocks seem to decay over time. And the rear shocks for the GT …Read more »