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Repairing RockShox Quadra 21 Shocks/Forks That Barely Move – Service

These shocks were pretty much seized when I bought the bike. But as I worked them up and down, they gradually loosened up. So I knew they weren’t completely frozen. Which was a little bit of a bummer as I was looking forward to making a video of breaking them loose. maybe next time! But …Read more »

Repairing Ballistic 600 XL Bike Shocks (Stuck/Frozen)

The travel on the forks/shocks was reduced to almost zero. They pretty much didn’t move at all. So I decided to tear them apart, clean, lube and put them back together. Yeah, I know they are cheap shocks, but what the heck! I like taking stuff apart and fixing them! They came off a Royce …Read more »

RockShox Quadra Shocks/Forks Service – Tear Down/Clean/Lube/Rebuild

These shocks barely moved. I disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, and reassembled them. Cleaning and lubrication did fix the problem and got them working again. I believe these are Rock Shox Quadra 5 (Q5) shocks, but they may be one of the other models. They were installed on a Mongoose Sycamore mountain bike, but I don’t think …Read more »