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How To Do 27 Inch To 700c Wheel Conversion – Vintage Bike Update

I show you how to convert a bike from 27″ wheels to 700c wheels. It’s an easy upgrade. You pretty much just have to remove the old 27″ wheels and mount the 700c wheels (assuming the hub width is the same). The main issue is the brakes. 700c wheels are smaller in diameter. So the …Read more »

Spoke Protector/Guard – Do You Really Need it?

I have had people comment on a few of my videos saying I should have removed the spoke guards. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t. If the spoke protector is broken, then I will remove it. But it is there for a purpose. Do you need it? Not really. But if the chain gets wedged …Read more »

How To Repair A Dented Bike Rim

I had a bicycle rim with a dent. The sides were bent out. Probably from a previous owner hitting a rock or a curb or something. So I decided to fix it and make video of how to do it.

How To Make Old Bike Tires Look Almost Like New

This is how I clean tires on bikes that I am detailing. It really works great on the rubber. If tires have whitewalls, it helps clean them, but they will still look old and dry. But the rubber seems almost refreshed and rejuvenated. The tire I clean in the video is on my 1969 Raleigh …Read more »

How To Adjust Vintage Raleigh Bike Front Wheel Hub

The front hub on old style Raleigh bikes adjust differently than most other style bikes. I’m talking the Made In England Raleighs, not the Made In China ones. There are no lock nuts, and only one of the cones is adjustable. In this video, I adjust the front hub of a 1980 Raleigh Sports. The …Read more »