How To Replace A Freehub Body On A Bike Wheel

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The cassette on the bike was not turning smoothly in reverse. It had a gritty kind of feel and there was more play than I though there should be. So I was pretty sure the freehub was both dirty and worn. So I replaced the freehub body. I show the whole process of removing the old freehub body and installing the new one. I also over the wheel hub in the process.

Bike tools that I used in this video:
Park Tool SR-2 Sprocket Remover (chain whip)
This is a shop grade tool. But a less expensive chain whip such as this one by Avenir (1/2″ x 3/32″ size) will work fine:

Pedros Cassette Lock Ring Remover

Pedros 15mm Cone Wrench

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