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Terry Prism – Vintage Women’s Road Bike Restore/Update

My friend wanted a small size women’s road bike. I hunted around and found this vintage Terry Prism road bicycle for her. It had been converted to hybrid type bars as well as other changes. I stripped it to the bare frame, cleaned/overhauled everything, and put it back together converting it back to drop bars, …Read more »

RJ The Bike Guy Gets Flipped Off By Cyclist – Re-Enacted With Toy Cars

How a cyclist flipped me off, re-enacted with toy cars. I was on my way home from work driving on a two lane road. The guy was riding his bike just inside the white line which was fine. He looked like a recreational rider from his build and his unsmooth line. I didn’t look at …Read more »

Craigslist Find – Terry Prism – Women’s Road Bike

I was shopping for a women’s road bike for a friend of mine, and found this vintage Terry Prism on Craigslist for $65. The rear wheel is a 700c, and the front wheel is a smaller 24″ wheel. The frame is about 46cm, so I think it will fit my friend who is about 5’1″. …Read more »

How To Get Tight Tire On Bike Wheel Rim With Tire Bead Jack

This is a cool new tool I found called a Tire Bead Jack made by Koolstop. I show how to mount a tight fitting bicycle tire onto a rim using the tool. Brand new bike tires can be really tight, and harder to mount, so this is a cool to have. Tire levers can be …Read more »

How To Remove Sealed Cartridge Bottom Bracket Fast! Easy! Fun!

This is how I remove sealed cartridge bottom brackets. Removal in seconds. They can often be very tight, or even stuck/frozen/seized, but this method has always worked for me. And with the downward pressure, I get a good connection and am less likely to strip the notches/splines in the cup and tool. I used a …Read more »