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How To Replace A Rear Derailleur Shifter Cable

I replace the rear shifter cable on a GT Bullet mountain bike. (It only has the one derailleur) The old cable was kind of rusty and looked like junk. It worked fine, but since I am going to sell the bike, I don’t mind spending a couple bucks to make the bike look better and …Read more »

How To Replace/Upgrade Rear Derailleur On A Bike

I show how to replace a rear bike derailleur. In the video, I replace the Shimano 105 Derailleur with a Shimano 600 model. It’s a minor upgrade, but I have already upgraded the most of the rest of the parts on my 1990 Trek 1000 to Shimano 600. And I got the derailleur on eBay …Read more »

Replacing Rear Derailleur Sachs Huret to Suntour Mountech

I bought a 1984 Schwinn Le Tour Luxe, and for some reason a previous owner had replaced the rear derailleur. Maybe it broke. I found a Suntour Mountech rear derailleur on ebay similar to what came originally on the bike. It cost less than $10, so I bought. I made this video of the process …Read more »

How To Clean/Lube Rear Derailleur Pulleys

The pulleys on the rear derailleur are often overlooked when cleaning and lubricating the drive train of a bike. But the pulleys can get very dirty and clogged with dirt and grease. In this video I show you how to remove the pulleys, clean them, lubricate them, and install them back onto the bike. I …Read more »