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Freewheel vs Cassette – What Are They? Can I Convert?

I show close up the differences between freewheels and cassettes. I also show how they mount to the wheel. Hopefully this will help people identify whether they have a cassette or a freewheel. Freewheels usually have 5 – 7 cogs and screw on to the hub. Modern cassettes (like Shimano Hyperglide) usually have 7 – …Read more »

How To Remove/Install Cogs On A Freewheel

I show how to disassemble the cogs from a bike freewheel and then reassemble them again.

Single Speed Freewheel Overhaul – Disassembly/Assembly

How to tear down, clean, lube and rebuild a single speed freewheel. I install brand new bearings. Other models of singlespeed freewheels might be slightly different require modified procedures. This freewheel was from a Trek Subvert 1.0 BMX bike.

7 Speed To 10 Speed Drive Train Upgrade – DIY Cyclocross/Gravel Bike Project

I show the process of upgrading my homebrew cyclocross bike from a 7 speed drive train, up to a 10 speed drive train. I replaced the cassette, rear derailleur, chain, and shifters along with new cables. Build Cheap DIY Cyclocross Bike From Hybrid:

How To Convert Uniglide Freehub To Hyperglide Freehub

I show how to convert a Shimano Uniglide freehub body to a Hyperglide freehub body. This will allow you to use the more modern Hyperglide cassettes instead of the older, hard to find Uniglide cassettes. This is done by disassembling both a Uniglide freehub and a Hyperglide freehub and combining parts from each. The bike …Read more »