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How To Remove A Star Fangled Nut From A Fork Steerer Tube

I show how to remove a star nut aka star fangled nut from a fork steerer. The main reason why this might be done is if you plan to cut a steerer tube shorter and there is already a starnut installed. Even then the star fangled nut might not need to be completely removed. How …Read more »

Wrapping Bottom-Up Vs Top-Down Handlebar Tape Direction

I show why it is better to tape wrap road bike handlebars from the ends of the handlebars up to the the middle as opposed to starting in the middle and wrapping down to the ends. There is a reason why the bikes you find in a bike store are all wrapped in one direction …Read more »

How To Convert Quill Stem To Threadless Stem With Adapter On Vintage Bike

I show how to remove an old quill stem and install a threadless stem with a threadless stem adapter. This is a circa 1990 Trek 1000. I’ve already upgraded/updated a bunch of stuff on this vintage bike. Here is the threadless stem adapter I used: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0028N14GQ/ref=nosim/rjthebikeguy-20 BTW, the reason I cut the quill stem in …Read more »

How To Wrap Handlebars With Safety/Extension Brake Levers

I show how to tape wrap handle bars on a vintage road bike with extension levers (aka “safety levers”, “death grips”, “suicide levers”, “turkey wings”). I use modern tape and show how to wrap around the brake levers leaving a nice clean look.

How To Adjust A Threadless Headset

If you hear clicking noises or rattles in your headset when you brake, hit bumps, or steer, you may need to tighten your bike’s headset. It only takes a minute or two, and will get rid of the annoying clicks.