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Cleaning White Brake Hoods With Bleche Wite Tire Cleaner

I clean dirty white brake hoods using Bleche Wite tire cleaner. It’s made by Black Magic and I bought it at an auto parts store.

Remove/Install Bike Handlebars Without Scratching In Quill Stem

This is how I remove and install bicycle handlebars without scratching them while trying to fit them into a quill stem. I use a tool called Lock Ring Pliers. The pliers I use in the video are some vintage Williams model 1515 pliers. But they are made by other companies as well.

How To Convert 22.2mm Quill Stem To Fit French Bike

I show how to modify a common 22.2mm quill stem to fit a French made bike that takes a 22.0mm quill stem. Only do this with Aluminum stems. Vintage French bikes had a slightly smaller 22mm diameter quill stem than most other bikes which has a 22.2mm stem. The French stems hard to find now. …Read more »

How To Install Bar Ends On Mountain Bike Handlebars

I wanted to install drop bar style bar ends on my mountain bike handlebars for a 40 mile mountain bike race I have coming up, I decided to video the process. Bar ends come in many different styles, but the process for installing them is the same. I bought new grips that are open on …Read more »

Simple Trick To Align Handlebars Perfectly Straight

How to easily straighten the handlebars of a bike so they are perfectly aligned with the forks and wheel.