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Repairing Rusted Seized RST Gila T5 Forks/Shocks

The RST Gila T5 shocks on this Trek 4300 mountain bike frame were frozen solid. There was some rust on them. I took them apart, cleaned them, removed most of the rust, lubed them, and put them back together and got them working again. How To Make Adjuster Cap Tool For RST Forks – Socket …Read more »

How To Clean/Lube A Suspension Seatpost

I show how to disassemble, clean, lube, and re-assemble a suspension seatpost.

How To Disassemble/Clean/Lube/Re-assemble RST Gila T5 Forks

I show how to tear down, clean, lubricate and rebuild RST Gila T5 forks/shocks. RST recommends this maintenance be done “Every 4 weeks or 25-30 hours of riding or whenever the performance of the fork has diminished(whichever occurs first).” Basic service to keep your suspension working and from becoming stiff or frozen. This bike is …Read more »

How To Make Adjuster Cap Tool For RST Forks – Socket Version

I show how to make a tool to remove the adjuster cap from RST forks. I make the tool from a 15/16″ socket using a Dremel tool and some grinder bits. This tool will allow me to do an overhaul of these shocks. In a previous video, I made an adjuster cap tool using a …Read more »

How To Make Adjuster Cap Wrench For RST Forks

RST Adjuster Cap tools are hard to find. I haven’t found a plae where I can buy one. So I decided the make my own homemade wrench to remove the adjuster cap. I just bought a cheap 1 inch combination wrench at a junk shop and used a Dremel tool. After this video, I made …Read more »