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How To Install Contour Grips On A Mountain Bike

I bought these Specialized BG Contour Narrow Locking Grips to replace the stock grips on my mountain bike. I made this video showing the process of installing them. I show just the one side, but just repeat the steps on the other side. I was looking at some non-locking contoured grips made by Bontrager. But …Read more »

Park Tool RBS-5 Replacement Brush Set for CM-5 Chain Cleaner

The sponge on my Park Tool CM-5 Cyclone Chain Scrubber became brittle and disintegrated after years of use. One of the first things I do on every bike I work on, is to wash it, and then clean and lube the chain. So the chain cleaner gets a lot of use. It still works without …Read more »

How To Replace Shifter Cable On SRAM Grip Shift MRX 204 Shifters

Cable replacement on SRAM Grip Shift MRX-204 shifters. I replaced the derailleur on a bike that has GripShift type shifters. So I took the opportunity to make a video on how to replace the cable. Different models of Grip Shift shifters vary on how the cable is replaced.

How To Remove Stuck Handlebar Quill Stem – Worst Case Scenario!

I have been asked several times how to remove a frozen quill stem. But none of the bikes I was working on had frozen stems. Or they were only a little bit stuck and were so easily removed that it wasn’t worth making a video. Then I hit the jackpot with this bike. It was …Read more »

Repairing Ballistic 600 XL Bike Shocks (Stuck/Frozen)

The travel on the forks/shocks was reduced to almost zero. They pretty much didn’t move at all. So I decided to tear them apart, clean, lube and put them back together. Yeah, I know they are cheap shocks, but what the heck! I like taking stuff apart and fixing them! They came off a Royce …Read more »