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How To Repair Stiff Bike Shifters

I explain the common causes of stiff shifting and show how to fix them. The shifters on this bike were very stiff. The main problem was an old rusty shift cable and bent crimped cable housings. Even though this is a mountain bike with trigger shifters, the concepts are the same for GripShift shifters and …Read more »

How To Remove/Install Bike Handlebar Grips

In this video I show you how easily remove the rubber handlebar grips from your bicycle and how to install them. It’s very easy. This is useful if you want to replace the grips, or if you want to move them in farther to install bar ends.

How To Mount Horizontal Water Bottle Cage Between Aerobars

This is a cheap and easy way to mount a horizontal water bottle cage between the aerobars of a triathlon bike. It is more aerodynamic than having your bottle cage mounted on your seat tube or down tube. All it takes is a plastic bottle cage and some zip ties.

How To Install Threadless Stem Adaptor To Update An Older Bike

I show you how to install a threadless stem adaptor to update your older bike. This is a pretty easy way to update an older bike. Using a newer style threadless stem makes it easier to change the fitting on your bike by simply changing the stem to one with a different length/angle. I bought …Read more »