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How To Wrap Aerobars With Handlebar Tape On A Tri Bike

In this video I show how to wrap the aerobars and base bar of a triathlon bike with handlebar tape. Notice that all the cables are already secured in place with tape. I started of securing the handlebar tape with a small piece of electrical tape. I did this because the tape did not really …Read more »

Replacing Bearings In A Bottom Bracket

I could feel some play in the bottom bracket that I could feel when I moved the cranks. I probably could have just adjusted the adjustable cup, But I wasn’t sure what the issue was. It could have been worn bearings, or some sort of damage. But I wouldn’t know that until I opened it …Read more »

How To Replace Mountain Bike Handlebars

I wanted to replace the stock handlebars on my Scott Spark 60 mountain bike with shorter handlebars. The handlebars I was going to replace them with are made by Race Face. I picked them up relatively cheap online. They were originally about 670mm long, but I cut them down the about 590mm (that is in …Read more »

How To Remove A Broken Bottle Cage Bolt

I was working on a mountain bike and one of the screws for mounting a bottle cage was broken off inside the frame. Using PB Blaster, a scribe and a hammer, I managed to extract the screw. Some left-hand drill bits would have been helpful, but I didn’t have any. And I didn’t want to …Read more »

Make Cheap & Easy Race Number Mount For Duathlon/Triathlon

I show how to make a mount to display your race number on a bike for triathlon, duathlon, etc races. It’s cheap and easy. I made this one from stuff I had lying around my garage.