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How To Replace Shift Cable In Sachs Power Grip Plus Shifters

I show how to remove/install a shifter cable on a Power Grip Plus shifter made by Sachs.

What’s Inside A Shimano STI Shifter? How Do STI Shifters Work?

I show how a Shimano STI Bike Shifter (brifter) works on the inside. STI stands for Shimano Total Integration and it’s basically a brake lever and shifter integrated into one unit. These are found on modern road bikes. This a Shimano RSX left hand shifter (triple). The right hand shifter works the same way but …Read more »

Replacing Rusty Handlebars On Gary Fisher Bike

I bought this Gary Fisher Napa comfort bike for cheap, but it needs a bunch of work. It looks like it was left out in the rain. The handlebars were rusty and the chrome was flaking off. I bought some new handlebars and replaced the old rusty handlebars with some brand new aluminum handlebars.

Replace Caged Bearings With Loose Bearings In Bottom Bracket Overhaul

I show how to overhaul a bike bottom bracket, and replace the retainer cage bearings with loose bearings. The advantage of loose bearings is there are more bearings to take the load and not being in a cage, they can move more freely. The disadvantage is that they take more time/work to install. I disassemble, …Read more »

How To Pack A Bike For Shipping In A Cardboard Box

I wanted to ship a bike across country, so I made a video of the packing process. The goal is to pack the bike so it will arrive safely, without damage. And also so that I can easily put the bike back together at the other end. Basically pad everything! And add lots of padding …Read more »