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Removing Seized Quill Stem With Drain Cleaner/Sodium Hydroxide/Lye

I went to remove an aluminum quill stem, and found it completely frozen inside the steel fork. I tried various methods to get it out, but nothing was working. It was stuck solid. I decided to use sodium hydroxide (also known as lye) to dissolve the stem. Sodium Hydroxide which is found in many drain …Read more »

Removing Seized Handlebar Stem Using Cable Puller Winch

I remove a stuck handlebar quill stem with a cable puller/winch/come-along. I wanted to remove the stem without damaging it so I can use it on another bike. I wanted to try a cable puller/hand winch to see if that would do it. Be careful if you try this. The stem could potentially release quickly …Read more »

Double Wrapping Handlebars

I show how to double wrap handlebar tape on a road bike for more padding over rough terrain. This is a common technique for races like Paris Roubaix where they are racing over cobbles. The bar tape that I used was Specialized Super Cork Bar Tape as it stretches well without fear of tearing or …Read more »

Wrapping Vintage Schwinn Handlebars Factory Style

I unwrap the handlebars on a vintage Schwinn Continental bike and rewrap them using the same factory pattern using plastic handlebar tape.

Installing Cross/Inline Brake Levers

I show how to install cyclocross/in-line/interrupter brake levers on my DIY homemade cyclocross/gravel bike. These are secondary levers on drop bars that allow the rider easy access to operate the brakes while riding in an upright position, such on rough terrain.