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Wrapping Bottom-Up Vs Top-Down Handlebar Tape Direction

I show why it is better to tape wrap road bike handlebars from the ends of the handlebars up to the the middle as opposed to starting in the middle and wrapping down to the ends. There is a reason why the bikes you find in a bike store are all wrapped in one direction …Read more »

Install Brake Cables On BMX Bike With Gyro/Rotor/Detangler

I show the process of replacing the upper and lower brake cables on a BMX bike equipped with a Gyro/rotor/detangler headset.

Restoring Vintage Trek 412 With Correct Handlebars & Stem

I bought a Trek 412 (Built early1980). A previous owner had swapped some of the parts. I wanted to restore the bike back closer to original. So I replaced the handlebars and stem back to parts closer to the originals. I left the original non-aero brake levers on, and routed the brake cables the same …Read more »

How To Convert 22.2mm Quill Stem To Fit French Bike

I show how to modify a common 22.2mm quill stem to fit a French made bike that takes a 22.0mm quill stem. Only do this with Aluminum stems. Vintage French bikes had a slightly smaller 22mm diameter quill stem than most other bikes which has a 22.2mm stem. The French stems hard to find now. …Read more »

Replacing Bent Mountain Bike Handlebars

I show the process of replacing bent handlebars on a mountain bike that I bought a couple days ago. I also install new grips which were missing from the bike.