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Replace Mountain Bike Grips

How to replace worn/torn mountain bike grips. The grips on the GT bike that I am working on were trashed. I picked up some pulled grips at the local bike shop for $5. The new grips will definitely make the bike look better when I go to resell it.

How To Install Contour Grips On A Mountain Bike

I bought these Specialized BG Contour Narrow Locking Grips to replace the stock grips on my mountain bike. I made this video showing the process of installing them. I show just the one side, but just repeat the steps on the other side. I was looking at some non-locking contoured grips made by Bontrager. But …Read more »

How To Replace Mountain Bike Handlebars

I wanted to replace the stock handlebars on my Scott Spark 60 mountain bike with shorter handlebars. The handlebars I was going to replace them with are made by Race Face. I picked them up relatively cheap online. They were originally about 670mm long, but I cut them down the about 590mm (that is in …Read more »

How To Cut Handlebars Shorter On A Mountain Bike

I wanted some shorter length handlebars on my mountain bike for the XC type riding I do. So while I was at it, I decided to make a video of how to shorten handlebars. This is for ALUMINUM handlebars! Do not do this with CARBON FIBER handlebars! The pipe cutter cost Less than $4 at …Read more »

How To Wrap Aerobars With Handlebar Tape On A Tri Bike

In this video I show how to wrap the aerobars and base bar of a triathlon bike with handlebar tape. Notice that all the cables are already secured in place with tape. I started of securing the handlebar tape with a small piece of electrical tape. I did this because the tape did not really …Read more »