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Overhauling Loose Threadless Headset

The headset was so loose that I wouldn’t have been surprised to find missing or loose bearings inside. The bike had been abused and poorly maintained. The forks had been seized. So instead of just tightening up the headset, I decided I should overhaul it. I cleaned it, replaced the bearings, lubricated it with marine …Read more »

Installing Trigger Shifters/V Brake Levers On Mountain Bike

The shifters/brake levers on a Specialized Hardrock were trashed, so I needed to replace them. I bought some brand new Shimano ST-EF51 integrated shifter/V brake levers. I show the process of installing them in this video. I also replace the cables and cable housings.

Simple Trick To Align Handlebars Perfectly Straight

How to easily straighten the handlebars of a bike so they are perfectly aligned with the forks and wheel.

How To Convert Quill Stem To Threadless Stem With Adapter On Vintage Bike

I show how to remove an old quill stem and install a threadless stem with a threadless stem adapter. This is a circa 1990 Trek 1000. I’ve already upgraded/updated a bunch of stuff on this vintage bike. Here is the threadless stem adapter I used: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0028N14GQ/ref=nosim/rjthebikeguy-20 BTW, the reason I cut the quill stem in …Read more »

How To Remove Stuck Handlebar Quill Stem – Worst Case Scenario!

I have been asked several times how to remove a frozen quill stem. But none of the bikes I was working on had frozen stems. Or they were only a little bit stuck and were so easily removed that it wasn’t worth making a video. Then I hit the jackpot with this bike. It was …Read more »